Time period and location: 30 June – 10 July 2017, Albena Resort, Black Sea, Bulgaria.

Participants: amateur artistic groups, ensembles,clubsand solo performers.

Nominations: classic dance, folklore dance, modern dance, circus, pop and folk singing.

Age categories: Junior/up to the age of 9/, Intermediate/10-14years old/, Youths /15-18yearsold/, Seniors /19-23years old/, Above the age of 24.

Participation terms:

1.In the following nominations: classic dance, folklore dance, modern dance the participants can present up to 2 /two/ performances. Instrumental accompaniments have to be provided to the organizers in advance with the application form. 

2. In the following nominations: folk and pop singing the participants can present up to 2 /two/ performances. Instrumental accompaniments have to be provided to the organizers in advance with the application form.

3. In the following nomination: circus, the participants can present a program up to 15 /fifteen/ minutes long.

4. Each group, ensemble and soloist can present no more than 2 /two/ performances in 2 /two/ nominations: participation in additional nomination is allowed for an additional fee of 10 euro;

5. The festival program is made in advance and includes: rehearsals /repetitions/ on the festival stage, festival concerts and awarding ceremony. Program changes during the Festival are not allowed.

6.The Festival has a competitive character. The participants are assessed by a professional jury. Awards: Ist , IInd , IIIrd Degree Diploma, Ist , IInd , IIIrd Degree Diploma Laureate and “Grand Prix”.

7. The Festival is held on the stage of Albena Theatre. The hall has a capacity of 450 seats. The stage size is: 18 x 1    2 x 7 meters with side-scenes from both sides and backstage corridor. On the stage are set up to 5 microphones.

8. Necessary documents: (have to be submitted no later than 12June 2016):

1.    Application form;

2.    An accommodation list of arrivals (three names, date of birth);

3.    Instrumental accompaniments of songs and dances;

Payment and accommodation:

1.    The participants are accommodated in a previously chosen hotel in Albena Resort and get the full service, offered in the hotel. Details for each hotel are provided on the website of Albena Resort: http://www.albena.bg

2.    The prices are set for room per 3 or 5 nights depending on the age of the participants, accommodation and hotel.

  The age differentiation in prices is determined by Albena Resort as follow:

-      Up to the age of 12 – Child;

-      Above the age of 12 – Adult;

In 20 participants the 21th pack is free of charge.





PRICES WITH NO DISCOUNT /after 31.03.2017/


Hotels check in begins at 2.00 p.m., check out – at 12.00 a.m. The participants may choose a hotel in Albena Resort that is not listed above. In that case the accommodation terms are specified with the organizers.

Prices include:accommodation, All Inclusive, rehearsals and concerts halls, dressing rooms, jury, participation in all festival events - opening, rehearsals, concerts, awarding and closing ceremonies, resort fee and VAT.

Prices do not include:medical insurance and travel expenses.

Transfer from Varna Airport to Albena Resort and back costs an additional 12 euro per person.


The required amount is paid only by bank transfer on the following bank account of International Festival Center “Friends of Bulgaria”after signing a contract.

Societe Generale Expressbank IBAN: BG80TTBB94001525914482, BIC: TTBBBG22

For application forms, questions and more information: Plamen Krustev, tel: +35929875568;

e-mail: plamenkrusteff@gmail.com, krustev@festival-bg.com