REGULATION FORM                    APPLICATION FORM                                                                                                                                                         

When:  1 - 7 July 2022

Location:Bulgaria, Albena Resort.

Participants: ensembles, clubs, ritual groups and individual performers.

Nominations: classical dance,

                 folk dance,

                 modern ballet,

                 cheerleading dance,

                 recreating customs,

                 pop vocals,

                 folk vocals.

                 instrumental performing art.

                 theater (dramatic, musical, artistic speech, etc.)

                 painting, fine arts, decorative and applied arts.

Age groups:

junior / up to 9 years /, middle / 10-14 years /, youth / 15-18 years /, senior / 19-23 years /, adult / over 24 years / mixed.

Conditions for participation:

In the nominations: classical, folk, modern imagery dance, the participants participate with 2 dances.

In the nominations pop and folk vocals - the participants are presented with 2 songs each. One song from the variety vocal nomination must be by a Bulgarian composer. A leading melody, duplicating the vocals, in the instrumental of the song is not allowed. In the presence of the same, the performer-participant in the competition program of the festival is disqualified.

In the theater nomination, each ensemble presents one performance, a small stage form or a stage from a performance with a finished character. For the preparation of the stage, technical rehearsal and presentation of the performance to the jury and the audience, no more than 90 minutes are provided. Individual performers are allowed with a program of up to 10 minutes.

In the category of instrumental art, orchestras, chamber ensembles and instrumental groups are presented with an optional program of up to 30 minutes. Individual performers can perform with a program of their choice within 10 minutes.

In the nomination of recreating customs - the participants present a program of up to 10 minutes.

Participation in the nominations - painting, fine arts, decorative and applied arts implies creative work on site in the resort. Albena.

The general program of the festival is prepared in advance and includes: rehearsals on the festival stage, concerts, awards. Changes in the program during the festival are not allowed.

The festival has a competitive nature. Competent jury evaluates and awards the participants Diplomas, Diploma of the laureate lll, ll, l degree, "Grand prix".

Necessary documents for participation / sent depending on the chosen deadline for payment /:

- application for participation;

- instrumental accompaniments of songs and dances.

Fee for participation in one nomination:

           - BGN 30 per participant from a group;

           - BGN 50 for individual performers

Participation fee for each additional nomination:

          - BGN 15 per participant from a group;

          - BGN 25 for individual performers


Payment is made by bank transfer until 31.05.2022 to the following account:

Friends of Bulgaria International Festival Center:

BANK DSK, BIC: STSABGSF, IBAN: BG42STSA93001525914482      

All participants in the festival, accommodated in a hotel in the resort. Albena, through MFC Friends of Bulgaria, does not pay a participation fee.

Prices for accommodation for at least 5 nights in the specified hotel with a payment term until 31.01.2022, until 28.02.2022, until 31.03.2022 as well as regular prices with a payment term until 31.05.2022 are attached.

To send requests and discuss issues:



Contact:  0888 883 599