“Friends of Bulgaria” in Montenegro

Creativity meeting “Among friends” organizes a Festival program “Friends of Bulgaria” in Montenegro, Herceg Novi. From 19thto 26thof February folklore, vocal groups, choral formations are going to exchange their experience on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

For the first time, apart from a concert program, the leaders of the groups are going to present pedagogical practices from their work with the young talents as well as interesting data about the schools they are leading.

On the stage of “INSTITUT IGALO SPA” Hotel the following ensembles are going to sing and dance - „Веснушки” – Moscow, „Калинка”– Mozhaysk, „Сюрприз”– Chelyabinsk, the choristers of „Капель” - Selyatino, the vocal groups „АССОРТИ” and  „ФА-СОЛЬКИ”.

The creative achievements of the Children school of arts – Lipetsk, the Home of culture „Гайдаровец”– Moscow, the School of arts of Bobrovo, the Centre of aesthetic education of children – Semenovskoe and the Moscow musical-pedagogical college are going to be presented by numerous performers.

Representatives of the regional authorities of Herceg Novi and Program “Friends of Bulgaria” are going to share respectively Montenegrin and Bulgarian experience with working with children in the Arts direction.

This manifestation is one of the many initiatives of the manager of Program ‘Friends of Bulgaria’ – Tsvetan Ivanov, aiming to stimulate the good practices and the modern forms of extracurricular activity and  to improve the international contacts between creative formations from different countries. He is going to present the participants diplomas, made particularly for the meeting “Among friends”.

During their spare time, the young people will have the opportunity to go sightseeing in Herceg Novi and enjoy the beauty of the Kotor bay. Friendships and happy moments are awaiting them also in the disco parties which are being organized especially for them by their hosts.