International festival program “Friends of Bulgaria” starts during the new year a series of concerts.

International festival program “Friends of Bulgaria” starts during the new year a series of concerts. Tsvetan Ivanov’s initiative (director of the program) aims to get together Bulgarian audience and the art of talented Bulgarian performers with wide international fame and those who work abroad. Of course, we also help young talents who need support at the moment, before we invite them as guests from the great worldwide theatres.

The beginning is a folklore concert on 20.02.2012 in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia. We start with traditions, but with their re-creation from nowadays. We aim to show that our folklore is alive, that it is developing, that it is modern. This is art which has many admirers exactly among young and modern Bulgarians and we want to give them something, which they need – the astonishing beauty of the Bulgarian music and the adrenaline of Bulgaria’s folklore dances.

The participants:

FOLKLORE  ENSEMBLE  “TRAKIA” – innovator in music and dancing as they do not break even for a moment the connection between modern art and the deep roots of Bulgarian folklore, traditions and legends. This choir sang in the Paris Hall “Olympia” in 1990 and took 3rd place in “Billboard”’s ranking during the same year


BULGARA – the group that uses Drum and Bass, Funk and Broken beats, Jungle, Rock and Jazz to highlight the harmonic beauty of Bulgarian folklore, combining traditional instruments with electroacoustic.


EVA  QUARTET – being a part of the group of Mystery of Bulgarian voices with who they sing, they have accomplished lots of successful concerts in prestigious festivals and in concert halls. They have also taken part in compilations with worldwide famous performers, tours in more than 20 countries all across the world.


DUET "DVUGLAS" – Daniel Spasov and Milen Ivanov – the only male voices in the concert programs and albums of the worldwide famous choir “Mystery of Bulgarian voices”, who look for modern musical decisions and in this way they create that unique look of theirs.


And, of course, the future dances and choreographers of Bulgaria – the children of  NATIONAL  SCHOOL  OF  DANCING  ART – who took the huge responsibility to preserve Bulgaria’s folklore traditions.