Stars of Bulgarian Ballet - Sofia, National Palace of Culture - 29. 03. 2012

On 29. 03. 2011, at 19.30 h at hall №1 of Nationale Palace of Culture  Bulgarian audience can enjoy talents of one of the most famous Bulgarian ballet masters – soloists in ballet ensembles of worldwide famous theatres, tutors in big ballet schools, worldwide forums’ award winners. They are going to be accompanied by young ballet dancers from the National school for dancing arts, too.

Bulgarians dancing on prestigious stages: Vyara Natcheva – soloist in Staatsoper, Berlin; Petya Ilieva – soloist of the National ballet of Finland; Momchil Mladenov – soloist of  “Suzanne Farrell Ballet”; Sergey Sergiev – choreographer of  Indiana Ballet Conservatory; soloists and ensemble of Sofia opera and ballet are going to present a unique program, which includes not only classical production, but worldwide models of modern ballet, too.

Expect classical performances of:

Petya Ilieva and Alexander Alexandrov – fragments of “Sylfida” – a ballet, the choreography of which is from the legendary Danish artist August Burnonvil from the distant year of 1836.

♦ Vyara Nacheva and Emil Yordanov, Petya Ilieva and Trifon Mitev – fragments from one of the most famous ballets of Chaykovski – “Swan Lake”.

♦ Marta Petkova and Momchil Mladenov, Vyara Nacheva and Emil Yordanov – fragments from the no less famous “Sleeping Beauty” and “The Nutcracker” of Chaykovski.

♦ Dilyana Nikiforova and Rosen Kanev – fragments from the “Karmen” ballet, music by Bize-Shchedrin.

♦ Alexander Alexandrov – fragments from “Bourgeois”, music by Jaque Brel.

♦ Vesa Tonova and Nikola Hadjitanev – fragments from “Don Quixote” of Minkus, also involving Marta Petkova, Rosen Kanev and the ensemble of Sofia Opera and Ballet.

From the modern models we are going to present to you a passionate tango by Sara-Nora Krasteva and Momchi Mladenov.

Sergey Sergiev is going to improvise on musical impressions and Dilyana Nikiforova is going to present a dance, inspired by the music of Korsika.

Invited by Tsvetan Ivanov, director of the program, special guests will again be the artists from the Home of  veterans of culture and arts, Sofia.