International Festival Program of children's creativity "Friends of Bulgaria"

The International festival program "Friends of Bulgaria" is registered as a cultural organization in the Ministry of culture, Bulgaria.

Director Tsvetan Blagoev Ivanov

For 10 years the program "Friends of Bulgaria" has been organizing performances of choirs and solo singers: festivals for children's creativity, festival for different genres folklore, vocal, choreography, theatre, children and youth choirs with categories for age, competitions, concerts.

We work for:
1. Popularizing and spreading the Bulgarian culture, traditions and creativity. Showing and progress of the talents, education of young people and Bulgarian children;
2. Practice exchange between creative groups;
3. Establishing international contacts with children and youth creativity and connections between the children and young people from Bulgaria with the children from other countries.

Our experience

Organized festivals which took place in Bulgaria:

  • International choral festivals "Maestro Zahari Mednikaroff";
  • International festival for children and youth instrumental groups;
  • International festival for children's creativity "Friends of Bulgaria".

Competitions which took place in Bulgaria

  • International contest for young choral conductors;
  • Contest for pedagogues working with children in extracurricular classes;
  • Contest for funny song "Michail Belcheff";
  • International contest for writing works for children choirs;
  • Business meeting with members from Composer Unions from six European countries - main subject will be "Progress of children's choral creativity. Creating and presenting new works for children choirs."

Our partners in Bulgaria are:

  • National musical academy;
  • Ministry of culture;
  • The Bulgarian composers union;
  • Ministry of education, youth and science;
  • Syndicate of the Bulgarian teachers.

Since November 2008, the director of IFPCC "Friends of Bulgaria" has been chosen for a member of the council of National musical academy "Professor Pancho Vladigeroff".

In February 2009 a monthly scholarship "Friends of Bulgaria" was started for top students from the three faculties of the National musical academy.

IFPCC "Friends of Bulgaria" works in offices in Sofia and Moscow:

* 119590 Moscow city, "Mosfilmovska Street" 66, tel. +7 499 143 7642, e-mail:

* 1000 Sofia city, "Strumittza" 1,A,1,  tel.+359 2 987 55 68,