Bulgarian choral songs

The songs are distinguished in contests for writing songs for children's choirs, organized by International festival program "Friends of Bulgaria"  during 2007, 2008 and 2009. They are made for children and youngsters and are distinguished with clarity of the musical ideas and the poetic lyrics, pursuant with the natural possibilities of the children voices. They can be included in the repertoir of the competitors of the choral festival.

"Ne iskam sam" / I do not want to be alone, Dragomir Nenov >>>

"Petolinie", Krasimir Taskov >>>

"Vecher" / Night, Lyubomir Denev  >>>

"Detsa i samolet" / Children and a plane , Julian Slabakov >>>

"Chudniyat kontsert" / The wonderful concert, Dragomir Nenov >>>

"Tri miniatyuri" / Three Miniatures, Dimitar Kostanzaliev >>>

"Iglikino hortse", Krasimir Taskov >>>

"Zvezditsa", Julian Slabakov >>>

"Malka prikazka" / Story, Krasimir Taskov >>>